274 Motor transport (Master's), Specialization Automobiles and Automotive

Educational and professional training program 2019

Educational degree: master's.
Qualification awarded: Master of Motor transport.

    Samples of the master's diploma and its supplement:

    Access requirements(s): availability of the bachelor’s degree or specialist’s level degree.

    Special provisions for recognition of prior learning (formal, non-formal, informal): Minimum requirements for the knowledge, skills, and skills of bachelors required to begin master's degree courses that meet approved discipline programs for the specialist in Bachelor of Transportation Specialty 274.

    The official name of the educational program
    Educational and professional program “Automobiles and automobile economy”.

    Type of diploma and the volume of the educational program
    Master’s degree, unitary, 90 ECTS credits, the term of study – 1 years and 5 months.

    The purpose of the educational program
    Training of professionals, able to develop and use up-to-date technologies on developing, operation, maintenance and repairs of motor transport objects.

    The main focus of the educational program and specialization
    Emphasis on ability for industrial-engineering, organizational and managerial, research, design, technological and planning activity on the premises, working with motor transport of all the patterns of ownership, and research efforts in production engineering establishments and teaching activity in educational institutions.

    Peculiarities of the program
    Educational component of the program is being realized in the course of 3 semesters, 90 credits, and contains the courses in the corresponding cycles, providing general training, acquiring knowledge in the chosen specialty.

    Eligibility for employment
    Economic activity according to EAC (Economic Activities Codes) State professions classifier of Ukraine (DK 009:2010):
Class 45.1 – Transport vehicles trade.
Class 45.11 – Motor and passenger vehicle trade.
Class 45.1 – Transport vehicles trade.
Class 45.2 – Maintenance and repair of vehicles.
Class 45.3 – Trade of spare parts and equipment for vehicles.
Class 49.31 – Urban and suburban traffic passenger land transport.
Class 49.32 – Rendering of taxi services.
Class 49.4 – Road freight transport.

    Professional positions (according to the State professions classifier of Ukraine (DK 003:2010) and International Standard Classification of Occupations 2008 (ISCO-08)):
1222.2 Master of motor car gas filling station.
1222.2 Master of production service.
1222.2 Workshop manager.
1222.2 Production floor master.
1222.2 Motor vehicles and machinery operation and maintenance master.
1222.2 Transport maintenance and repairs master.
1222.2 Key production floor master.
1222.2 Workshop master.
1222.2 Manager of motor car gas filling station.
1222.2 Brigade foreman.
1222.2 Production manager.
1222.2 Production control department manager.
1222.2 Department manager.
1222.2 Technical control department manager.
1222.2 Workshop area manager.
1222.2 Maintenance shop manager.
1223.1 Chief engineer.
1226.1 Chief engineer (transport).
1226.1 Transportation manager.
1222.2 Garage head.
1226.2 Column (motor, powered track) head.
1226.2 Repair shop manager.
1226.2 Head of shift (transport).
1226.2 Head of service (transport).
1222.2 Transport maintenance and repairs master.
1222.2 Inspector foreman (shop area, shop).
2145.2 Vehicles and tractors park operating conditions troubleshooting engineer.
2145.2 Vehicles and tractors park operation engineer.
2145.2 Mechanical engineers.
2149.1 Research assistant (transport).
2149.2 Metrology engineer.
2149.2 Operation and maintenance engineer.
2149.2 Maintenance and repairs engineer.
2149.2 Transport engineer.
2149.2 Quality control engineer.
2149.2 New technologies and technical equipment application engineer.
2149.9 Labour safety engineer.
3115 Mechanic.
3115 Transport maintenance and repairs mechanic.
3115 Repair shop manager.
3115 Head of shift (transport).
3115 special machinery and technical equipment (transport) repair shop master.
3119 Equipment (transport) repairs master.
3119 Motorcade (garage) mechanic.
3119 Transport maintenance and repairs mechanic.
3119 Technician-constructor (mechanics).
3119 Technician in technical documentation preparation.
45.2 Mechanization and automation of production processes engineer.

    Program competencies

    Integral competency
    The ability to solve complex tasks and problems in the field of motor transport when undertaking professional activity or in the process of education, which involves conducting researches and/or innovations adoption and is characterized by all-inclusiveness and conditions uncertainty.

    General competencies
GC 01. Ability to carry out scientific researches on the appropriate level.
GC 02 Ability to search, process and analyse information from different sources by means of modern information and communication technologies.
GC 03. Ability to be critical and self-critical.
GC 04. Interpersonal interaction skills.
GC 05. Ability to motivate people and move towards common aim.
GC 06. Ability to develop researcher’s speech and communicative culture; ability to communicate with representatives of other professional groups of different levels (with experts in other fields of knowledge/kinds of economic activity).
GC 07. Value and respect diversity and multiculturness.
GC 08. Ability to work in international context.
GC 09. Ability to show initiative and enterprise.
GC 10. Ability to act on the basis of ethical considerations (motives).
GC 11. Accuracy and persistence as for objectives and engagements.
GC 12. Ability to identify economic indicators and ensure quality of operations when developing and carrying out complex actions and projects in compliance with labour conditions, regulations of civil defense and environmental protection.
GC 13. Ability to act consciously and with social responsibility.
GC 14. Ability to realize manpower and gender problems.
GC 15. Ability to carry out research work with elements of scientific novelty.

    Professional competencies of the speciality
PC 01. Ability to work in group, developing projects in the field of motor vehicle transport.
PC 02. Ability to use systemic approach to solving engineering problems on the basis of researches within the framework of speciality.
PC 03. Ability to understand the needs of users and customers, and importance of such issues as aesthetics in the process of design in motor vehicle transport sphere.
PC 04. Ability to understand and take into account social, environmental, ethical, economical and commercial concerns, influencing implementation of engineering solutions in motor vehicle transport.
PC 05. Ability to demonstrate the understanding of broader interdisciplinary engineering context and its basic principles, when solving scientific and workplace issues in the sphere of motor vehicle transport.
PC 06. Ability to demonstrate the understanding of necessity of compliance with high level professional and ethical standards when solving assigned tasks.
PC 07. Ability to demonstrate the understanding of legal framework concerning functioning of motor vehicle transport objects of Ukraine, such as issues of staff, health, safety and risks (including environmental ones).
PC 08. Ability to demonstrate the broad concept of problems concerning quality of processes and objects of motor vehicle transport.
PC 09. Ability to demonstrate the understanding of speciality requirements, determined by the necessity of ensuring steady development of Ukraine, its consolidation as democratic, social and law-based state.
PC 10. Ability to research, analyse and improve technological processes of motor vehicle transport.
PC 11. Ability to detect motor vehicle transport objects for improvement of equipment and technologies.
PC 12. Ability to choose materials, equipment and implementers of brand new technologies on motor vehicle transport science-based.
PC 13. Ability to estimate risks when planning or implementing new technological processes in the sphere of motor vehicle transport.
PC 14. Ability to carry out competent analysis and synthesis when studying technical systems of motor vehicle transport objects.
PC 15. Ability to choose and practice methods of research and planning, carry out necessary experiments, interpret results and make conclusions as for optimality of decisions made in sphere of production, operation, maintenance and repairs of motor vehicle transport objects.
PC 16. Ability to use laws and principles of engineering for professional needs, high level mathematical apparatus for design, engineering, production, assembly, operation, maintenance and disposal of objects, phenomena and processes in the sphere of motor vehicle transport.

    Mandatory program components

    Normative part
Scientific and technical innovations in motor vehicle transport industry
Methods of scientific research and patenting
Systems of automated engineering analysis
Heavy-load dump trucks
Applied theory of wheel control module
Mechanics of vehicle movement

    Selective program components
Specialized rolling stock
Production systems in motor vehicle transport
Operation and repairs of heavy-load dump trucks

    Disciplines of student’s free choice
Complex mechanization of technological processes

    Practical training
Practice in specialty

Master's final paper

    Mode of study
    Full-time and part-time.

    Grading scheme (reference book on ratings)

National differentiated grade

National grade Min. marks Max. marks
Excellent 90 100
Good 74 89
Satisfactory 60 73
Fail 1 59

National undifferentiated grade

National grade Min. marks Max. marks
Passed 60 100
Fail 1 59

ECTS grade

National grade Min. marks Max. marks
A 90 100
B 82 89
C 74 81
D 64 73
E 60 63
Fx 35 59
F 1 34