Advantages of studying at the department

    The department prepares specialists for educational degrees: bachelor, master.
    There are advantages of studying at the department:
- more than 30 years of experience in training specialists in the automotive and vehicles technical operation field;
- 10 laboratories (car design, construction, maintenance, diagnostics, testing and repair of cars, research of systems and units, etc.);
- 2 computer classes for computer aided design, modeling and engineering research;
- diploma design hall;
- about 70% of the places from the reception plan are places of state order;
- high demand for graduates of the department at enterprises;
- possibility to obtain a driver's license on preferential terms.

    The department provides admission to education:
a) in two specialties of Bachelor's degree:
- 274 Motor vehicle transport;
- 133 Industrial machinery engineering ;
b) in two specialties of Bachelor's degree:
- 274 Motor vehicle transport master’s degree program - educational and professional program “Automobiles and automobile economy”;
- 133 Industrial machinery engineering  master’s degree program - educational and professional program “Wheeled and caterpillar vehicles”.

    The Bachelor degree is 4 years for full-time study and 5 years for part-time (3 years for full-time part-time and 4 years for part-time part-time).
    The Master's degree is 1.5 years after the bachelor's degree.


    Educational and professional program “Automobiles and automobile economy”. Specialists of this area are trained to solve the issues of vehicle’s maintenance and repair, the vehicles operation organization. The main disciplines that shape the specialist are: organization, planning and management of trucking companies; vehicles technical operation; the transport enterprises and service stations designing; vehicle’s repair technology; specialized rolling stock. Students receive practical training at motor transport enterprises, service centers and service stations, as well as in the laboratories of the department.
    The specialist future job  main objects are: motor transport and auto repair companies, service centers and stations for the vehicles sale and maintenance. A specialist in this specialty can take positions from a vehicles sales manager, a maintenance wizard, to a transport shop manager, a service station. He is prepared for organizational work at companies and enterprises related to ensuring the technical safety and efficiency of cargo and passenger transportation.


    Industrial machinery engineering, educational and professional program “Wheeled and caterpillar vehicles” (automotive). This direction bachelors are preparing for production activity at a region automotive enterprises. The department has been training specialists in this field since 1976. Students are prepared for design and production activities in the areas related to the design, manufacture and automobiles testing.
    In order to accomplish these tasks, the curricula include the study the subjects such as vehicle and engine design, electronic and electrical car equipment, computer graphics and automated design of vehicle components and parts, test methods, and vehicle certification basics. Practical training of future automakers is carried out in the laboratories of car and engine structures, computer-aided design of cars, electrical equipment and automatic systems of cars and HC "AvtoKrAZ".
    Specialist of this field can work in design, research, commercial and production-management spheres at the enterprises related to the production, operation and sale of cars and other wheeled vehicles, in the positions of engineers, heads of divisions that perform design, refinement, testing machinery and maintenance and sales organization; pre-sales and after-sales services are carried out at company car dealerships and service centers that sell cars and spare parts for them.