Certification (nostrification) of higher education diplomas in Germany

    Reputation of the KrNU them. M. Ostrogradsky

    In Germany, is matters what particular university you graduated from. In order to find out about the reputation of the university, you need to go to the site and find your university in the list. If H + is opposite, then the university / college is accredited and you can expect recognition if H-, unfortunately, there is no chance of recognition if H +/-, which means that some specialties are recognized, some are not.

    Recognition of specialty
    Find your Master's or Bachelor's Degree specialty on the site to find out about (!) how much they can admit (full or only a few semesters).

    What documents should be provided
    Depending on your profession, you are looking for a list of documents on the site. Everything is specified there. At least you will need them:
 - completed application;
- notarized diploma and its attachments;
- notarized copies of translations;
- simply a copy of the certificate;
- certificate on the form of training;
- copy of identity card (passport);
- a copy of the diploma of complete general secondary vocational education, if any;
- a copy of your last name change documents, if this happened to you.