The department’s educational work

    The educational process is carried out in accordance with the "Regulations on the Organization of the Educational Process in Higher Education Institutions", approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, and in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine "On Education" and "On Higher Education".

    An educational process organize measures system on the department was launched since 2004. This system aimed at achieving the goal stated in the Bologna Declaration. The primary tasks in this direction are: the credit-module system implementation in to the educational process; the educational programs structuring; the specialists education quality ensuring system development.
    Coordination of activities with the basic departments is ensure through the review and coordination of working programs, which makes it possible to strictly adhere  the structural and the specialists educational logical scheme. That is improving the quality of the educational process. According to the plan of continuous the all levels specialists education, systematic work on the special disciplines computerization witch is taught on the department.

    The department prepare specialists in the specialties " Motor vehicle transport ", " Industrial machinery engineering " for full-time, part-time (including short-term) educational forms. The department implements the specialists educational system with higher education in accredited degrees "Bachelor`s degree" and " Master`s degree".

    The specialists preparing is conducted in accordance with educational and professional programs and educational and qualification characteristics. This programs were developed on the department and agreed with the scientific and methodological commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

    The scientific and methodological seminar is working on the Automobiles and tractors department for the latest scientific and scientific-pedagogical developments introduction in the education process. The main aim is improving the educational process efficiency.

    The educational process is one of the main directions of the department work. The department’s educational work purpose is to form a harmonious personality with a clear public position, high professional and human qualities, aimed at constant self-improvement in each student.

    An important role the specialists education is play the practice on the city and the region enterprises.

    The course and master's works at the department are performing according to the actual topics for the city and the region enterprises. In forming the subject of course projects and works the department tries to take into account problematic issues that have a production orientation or have the research work character or related to the educational process, as well as with the scientific theme approved at the department.
    The Public course projects defense enables students to learn to report the basic principles of work, answer the theoretical, analytical and practical questions. Prepare a specialist with a certain outlook in particular in the field of the Motor vehicle transport.

    The motor vehicle transport master's is aimed at developing and solving issues in the field of road transport, planning and organization of work of the enterprise in order to increase its efficiency in market conditions of management.
    Master's works are carried out according to the developed and approved schedule, the implementation of which is systematically controlled by scientific supervisors and heard at the department.
    The completed Master's work are allowed to the State Examination Committee defend, only after the preliminary protection. The best master's projects are submitted by the department to the All-Ukrainian theses work competition.

    To test the students knowledge  in vocational and practical education developed and approved packages of complex control work in all disciplines of the curriculum. The department’s teaching staff is constantly working to the special disciplines provision level increase by educational textbooks, manuals and guidelines.