General information about the department

    The automobiles and tractors department is a part of the Institute of Mechanics and Transport of  Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskiy National University and is the main educational, research unit of the university for carrying out educational and research activities and training of specialists in the field of mechanics and transport covers the construction of wheeled and tracked vehicles and the organization of their operation.

    The department implements a multilevel specialists training system with higher education and different educational degrees through the developed educational and professional training programs implementation:
    а)  bachelors of specialties 133 Industrial machinery engineering and 274 Motor vehicle transport. Duration of study - 4 years;
    b) Masters in Specialties 133 Industrial machinery engineering specialization “Wheel and Track Vehicles” and 274 Motor vehicle transport  specialization Automobiles and automobile economy. Duration of study - 1,5 years after receiving the Bachelor's degree.

    One of the department’s scientific researches results is a works  series performed on the theme: "High-performance vehicles on the basis of modular construction of their structures", nominated for the State Prize of Ukraine in 2007 in the field of science and technology.
    Project Manager - Chairman of the Board of PJSC "VEPR" Ph.D. in Engineering  Pilipenko Volodymyr Ivanovych.
    Scientific executor of the project - the automobiles and tractors department head, Doctor of Sciences, Professor, Soltus Anatoliy Petrovich.
    As a result of this work cycle, a family of high-efficiency passability VEPR cars was created, which includes the following models: general purpose all-wheel drive utility vehicle VEPR-K "Commander", all-wheel drive general-purpose vehicle VEPR-M "Hunter", armored all-wheel drive special vehicle VEPR-C "Special". The vehicle of this VEPR-C family "Special" with armored body-kung use by the Donetsk Topaz plant to equipment the most up-to-date electronic protection system "Mandat BE1" and was shown in 2005 as part of the complex "Mandat BE1" at the military equipment exhibition of in Abu Dhabi UAE).

General purpose all-wheel drive utility vehicle VEPR-K "Commander"

All-wheel drive general-purpose vehicle VEPR-M "Hunter"

Armored all-wheel drive special vehicle VEPR-C "Special"

Complex "Mandat BE1"

    The department provides execution:
    - postgraduate education programs through the Ph.D. in Engineering preparation in the specialty "Cars and tractors" by the university postgraduate study, as well as due to various forms scientific and pedagogical workers advanced training;
    - department teaching staff  formation programs;
    - methodological, organizational, scientific, informational and material support programs for the bachelors and masters education;
    - automotive industry researches based on the state budgetary and contractual financing.

    The department’s  material and technical base consists of nine specialized laboratories, two computer classes, a diploma hall, two lecture rooms for 60 seats each and a lecture audience for 36 seats; practical, laboratory classes.

    The Department maintains business relations with universities of Ukraine, near and far abroad on educational and scientific activity.