Student’s Life

    The department is not only concerned the quality of the educational process ensuring. The department's teachers pay a lot of attention to the educative work.

    Spending days of the institute, evenings devoted to official and informal holidays, discos, sports events and competitions, organized by both teachers and students, add to the attractive, bright and unique atmosphere of student life.

Our student won the title of Miss University.

    The student self-government that exists in our department consists of the following sectors.

    Housing and household sector
    Sector work aimed at improving the students living conditions in the hostel. Consultation of students on the hostels residence rules. Protection their rights and interests in relations with the hostel administration.

    Media sector

    Engaged the information collection for the Institute newspaper.

    Sports sector

    Engaged the sports competitions organization. Involvement the students to the active sports life.

   Cultural and mass sector

    The sector is engaged preparation and holding the institute holidays, institute days, charity events and creative evenings.

    The staff of the Automobiles and tractors department organizes the Motorist Day celebration. There is a wall-paper competition  dedicated to the holiday among the student groups.

    AT-11-1 group (performer I.M. Lazorenko) took first place in the wall-paper competition.

    The students of the department participated in an intellectual quiz dedicated to the Motorist Day. The most intellectual student was G. Bubnov,  group AT-11-1.