Tht department’s creation and development history

    The Department of Automobiles and tractors was created to provide the education process in the specialties "Wheeled and caterpillar vehicles" (“Automotive and tractor building”) and “Automobiles and automobile economy”.
    In 1975 on the Kremenchug Branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI) Director Professor Volodymyr Maslov order a working group to create an education and laboratory base was organized. This working group headed by Professor Petr Leontievich Brailchuk made a basis for the Automobiles and tractors Department in future. In the same year 1975 the first students-motorists enrollment on the evening study form in the specialty "Automobile and Tractor Engineering" was carried out.
    The building construction for the Automobiles and Tractors Department started at 1978. For next five years (from 1975 to 1979) the main laboratory units for profile laboratories in the specialty " Automobiles and tractors " were created.
    By the Ministry of Higher Education order № 201 from and № 77-1 July 4, 1979 the department of " Automobiles and tractors " was created at the KhPI. And in 1981 the evening study form first graduation of the engineers in the specialty "Automobile and tractor engineering" took place. And in the same 1981 the department opened a correspondence study form in the specialty " Automotive and tractor building".
    The process of creating a modern laboratory and experimental base continued. In 1983 the internal combustion engines box was created. The vehicles construction and ergonomics and design basics laboratories were created in 1987. The vehicles of automatic systems of automatic systems laboratory was modernized, reconstructed and transferred to IV building in 1995. In addition, two computer classes were created at the department with the possibility to INTERNET access with internal network.
    The full-time studying in the specialty " Wheeled and caterpillar vehicles" opened in 1990. And in 1995 full-time education in the specialty "Automobiles and automobile economy" opened also.
    In order to attract the most capable students to scientific work the student scientific society was created at the department in 2002. Since 2003 education in the specialty "Wheel and Track Vehicles" of the educational qualification level "Master" started. Since 2005 the educational qualification level "Master" in the specialty "Automobiles and automobile economy" began.
    Today the department is a part of the Institute of Mechanics and Transport (IMiT). And it is a basic educational, research unit for carrying out educational, scientific and research activities and specialists training id automobile and automotive industry. The department prepares specialists in a multi-level system of education (bachelor, specialist, master). The department has a postgraduate program where the most capable graduates who seek scientific activity have the opportunity to continue their education in higher level.
    The department’s staff the qualification characteristics for automotive specialties compiled and constantly updated the works curricula and disciplines programs for the department’s disciplines.
    At present, the staff of the department sees the problem of creating new and adapting existing programs for the use of the latest educational technologies and computer equipment in the educational process. The main department’s activity direction is the creation of new laboratories, with the modern equipment and devices contribute the students scientific and practical education on the modern level of the world’s science current state of development.